Women choose to earn less than men


There is no wage gap among women and men. It’s a myth. Women aren’t paid unfairly just because they’re women – that’s just not true so stop believing it.

You’ve heard the deceiving statistic that women earn 77 cent for ever dollar a man earns.

The actual statistic is accurate but it leaves out a critical detail as to why this gap exists. It’s not because employers are sexist and pay women less simply for being a woman. It’s actually because women choose lower paying jobs to work in.

Men gravitate towards jobs such as engineering, science and finance – and those jobs are more valuable to the economy hence the pay associated with these jobs tend to be higher.

Women tend to prefer jobs that are more nurturing in nature such as teaching, social work and nursing.

You can argue these jobs are more important for humanity – which I tend to agree with. But economically speaking, they are less valuable and therefore, a teacher typically earns less than an engineer. A social worker earns less than an investment banker.

Statistically, this is the true reason that women earn less than men. It’s not a conspiracy or a flaw in the system – it’s quite simply that women choose lower paying careers than men.

If men chose these types of careers and women didn’t, men would earn 77 cents on average, for every dollar earned by a woman. It works both ways.

So let’s squash that argument right there. The more important fact that people tend to misunderstand is the simple fact that some jobs are more important than others – and in turn, select people are more valuable economically than others – the pay difference is simply a reflection of your worth to the marketplace and has nothing to do with your gender, race or whatever else you’ve been made to believe.

Yes, some people are more important than others

In the physical universe we occupy, the whole game is pretty simple. Everyone is not equal.

Some people are just worth more than others. They’re more important.

As a human being, no one persons life is worth more than another, of course. That would be called genocide. So stop confusing these two arguments – it’s idiotic logic.

No one human deserves to die or live any more than the next person. We are all living creatures and important – we should all have equal rights. But that statement is completely different from the other “world” – and that other world plays by different rules because that world is dictated solely by the economy and your value and place in it.

A burger flipper at Wendy’s is absolutely less important and less valuable than, say the CEO of Wendy’s. Not their value as a human being – but their economic worth. The burger flipper is expendable. Wendy’s would run perfectly fine if that burger flipper quit working – and you’ll likely find a replacement immediately because it’s a low skilled, talentless job that anyone can do.

If you choose your path carefully and work hard, and you’re the CEO, you bring tremendous value to Wendy’s. Your economic value is high. You’re brining a skill set to the company that few people have. For every million people qualified to flip burgers, you’ll probably find one person that can perform, succeed and handle the responsibilities of the CEO.

In the real world, the CEO is more important than the burger flipper, regardless of their non-economic tests – like gender or race. economically, the CEO is more important. Of course their salary and benefits should match their value to the company – which is why CEOs do not and should not earn what the burger flipper earns.

Lately, I continue to hear moronic arguments from people who think that because Joe isn’t smart or driven enough to do anything more than flip burgers – nor does he aspire to do anything more – that his life is less precious than his boss.

They’re 2 completely different things and it’s a cheap shot to argue otherwise. Don’t confuse economic value with human value.

It’s important to understand what you’re worth in your corner of the world. Everyone can be compared.!If you’re stuck on a deserted island, your pocket knife is going to be much more valuable to your survival than, let’s say your XBox. It doesn’t mean your Xbox is garbage and your pocket knife is better – it simply means one is more valuable and thus more important on the island. Unless your goal is to play video games rather than survive, you can safely say the pocket knife is more important.

The same goes for the real world. In any industry, there are a handful of people at the top, who are smarter, worked harder and sacrificed more in order to become invaluable and not expendable. Of course some exceptions exist but by and large, that’s how it works.

The bigger and more important underlying concept is that not all careers are created equal, and in the real world, some jobs are simply more important economically than others – hence they command a higher pay.

It’s a simple and true reality – not an opinion. It so happens that women are drawn to these less important jobs and result in lower earnings. That doesn’t make women less as human beings. It simply means their economic value – as long as they continue pursuing careers in less important industries – will pay less.

Gender wage gaps are an excuse

If a woman chooses to work harder and pursue a career in science, medicine, finance or whatever – they’ll likely earn more. To say that ones pay is not based on their economic value but their gender and race is idiotic and nonsensical.

Do you really believe that when companies hire employees or when customers decide to spend money, their primary concern is if they’re dealing with a man or a woman? Of course not. They care about the value. The skills. The results. A million other things that make a product or service valuable¬†for someone are more important economically than gender.

Do you honestly think the world would function if what people earned was based largely off their gender and not off their skill set, values or lack thereof? Nothing would get done.

Jobs would be filled by people who aren’t qualified. Morons would run every industry and the economy would crash pretty quickly.

Are there exceptions? Of course. Do they matter? No they don’t.

Successful women don’t believe in a wage gap

From my experience, the people who complain about the “wage gap” are making excuses. If things don’t go your way, it’s much easier to blame some “impossible to fix or control” magical force As the culprit. It certainly isn’t because you didn’t try your best. It’s not that you made lots of poor decisions. It’s not that you decided to work a certain job that pays less. It definitely isn’t because maybe the next person who outperformed you is more qualified or made better choices.

I work with lots of women. I would argue they’re some of the smartest women in their fields. I know and have worked wth female CEOs, executives and everyone in between.

These woman are truly accomplished and successful but when I ask why they’re successful, they’ve never once told me they could be more successful if they weren’t females. They believe what I believe – that hard work, good choices and talent transcends anything else, be it gender, race or whatever else you can think of.

In fact, they hate when women make statements about how they’re held back by society. They tell me it makes them look weak and makes people look at female professionals as victims on some level.

Truly successful women I’ve met don’t want any more or less preferential treatment due to their gender. They’ll go head-to-head with anyone else and win or lose based on their own merits – not their gender. It’s insulting and makes women look incapable of succeeding.

The wage gap exists only in the minds of victims who have decided their lives will be unfair because they’re female. If you think this way, you’ll probably earn less anyways because people who act like victims don’t make it very far anyways. This goes for men too.

Of course there are some places or people, who are ignorant – and of course there are simpleton hicks who actually do believe men are superior than women. But this is rare and it’s until the media and feminists stop cramming this lie down everyone’s throats, people will keep believing it.

And it doesn’t help women, just like complaining the poor will always be poor doesn’t help the poor. It keeps them stuck in the “victim category” of society by association and it’s unfair to someone who doesn’t want to be seen that way – because being a victim has never and will never help anyone move forward.

Stop forcing women to be victims. All it does is force people to pity an entire gender and in the end, causes more inequality than equality by forcing them to identify with a group of victims.

If someone actually does earn 77 cents for every dollar than another person, look at their skills. Their career path. Their experience. Their ambitions. Look deeper than just what’s on the surface.

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover and that’s absolutely true. The smartest and most successful women I know did not get there in spite of their gender inequality, nor are unsuccessful women I know in their crapoy positions because the “man” is sexist and holding them back.

You get to where you are by the same characteristics that transcends any surface characteristic like gender or race.

You get there by hard work, smart choices and by going harder and farther than everyone else.

So before you decide to lump all women into a “victim” category, remember that what you’re actually doing is making women look unequal and in need of handouts. Every time you ignore the true qualities that make a woman successful or unsuccessful, and assume their position in life solely based on their gender, you’re the one who is actually holding women back – not helping them.

As a close female friend of mine, who also happens to be a self made millionaire, once told me, “Poor women aren’t poor because they’re women. They’re poor because they’re idiots.”

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