Poor people rely on luck


The vast majority of poor people are convinced they have no control over their lives. So they look for magical forces to explain or fix their lives because they’ve already decided they can’t do it themselves. Luck is the biggest of them all.

A poor person believes that they are poor because that’s what the universe intended. They’re poor because they were born that way. It’s their destiny. Their kids destiny. And everyone in their family with be poor forever.

They don’t believe in exceptions. They think that once poor – forever poor. Period. They are “unlucky.”

By this flawed logic, they also believe all rich people are rich because the universe chose their number out of a hat. They randomly became successful out of dumb random luck. They were in the right place at the right time. They did nothing to create success. They were just “lucky.”

See the problem here? First off, aside from your skin color or your gender, how many things are you simply born with that never change? Very little. Being born poor means you were born poor at that moment. It doesn’t say you can never make more than minimum wage your entire life. There’s no rule that says once poor forever poor.

Luck is a religion

Poor people love to throw around the word “luck.” It’s the perfect excuse because it’s a universal term that can be applied to just about anything.

Luck basically means odds. Having be luck means to have bad odds and being lucky means you have good odds. It’s as simple as that.

What poor people confuse luck with is “fate.” Fate means you’re destined to be a certain way no matter what you do. Luck doesn’t mean the same thing. Luck sounds better – which is why poor people like to use the words lucky and unlucky so much. But the word they’re actually looking for is fate. What they’re really saying is they are “destined to be poor.” They are saying their “fate is to be poor.”

Even the most victim-minded poor person would agree that you have control over your own fate or destiny. Not luck though. They’ve decided that luck is the end all be all of life – you’ll surrender to being lucky or unlucky. The universe has already deemed Bobby to be lucky  and Jim to be unlucky at birth. They just have to live it out and expect to be that way forever.

It’s a nice excuse. Why would you try harder at something if you know the result is already determined for you? It’s the old idea of “you can’t fail if you don’t try” and it’s a terrible and flawed idea that poor people cling to and pass onto their children.

The true cycle of poverty

The the cycle of poverty is defined by less intelligent people as an invisible force – call it the “system” or the “man” – and it’s deigned to keep the poor in a perpetual state of poverty.

First of all, that’s not true. Such a system doesn’t exist and it certainly isn’t designed. Scientifically speaking, no one benefits from the existence of poor people. For either the rich or the poor, poverty serves no purpose to he economy and only hurts society for everyone involved. So no one wants to keep you poor or hold you down.

Second, the system isn’t broken like poor people claim it is. In less developed nations, like Africa or India, the social system actually is broken and moving from poor to not poor is almost impossible. The co S piracy theory that so many poor people claim – actually does exist in places like those. But in America, not only is the system not broken, it’s designed specifically to help people move in between classes. A poor person can become rich and a rich person can become poor.

There are endless welfare programs to take care of be poor and their children. There are subsidies for everything from education to housing. There are free libraries and computers with Internet access literally every where. There are so many opportunities available for those who want to take it. Why? Because America understands that when someone is poor, they’re a burden on society. Allowing  them to pull themselves out of poverty and become a productive member of Soviet benefits everyone in the economy – which is why our system is designed to allow success.

Immigrants don’t rely on luck

If you look at the enormous number of successful immigrants in America, it’s plain as day that being poor in this country is a choice. Able bodied Americans who remain poor are that way because of the choices they’ve made.

Of course, blaming “bad luck” for your poverty is much easier. The vast majority of the poor are that way because they choose to consistently take the easy choice. They don’t sacrifice or make the difficult decisions. They stay at the same job without learning new skills. They watch reality TV instead if reading. They have children they can’t afford. They go to the bar instead of the library.

It’s no surprise that when they need to find a reason for their crappy circumstances in life, the easiest place to point their finger is at something abstract and larger than themselves – luck.

But we all know that’s bullshit. The poorest American-born “victim” is nothing compared to the average immigrant who comes to America to build a better life. They face challenges most American-born poor people couldn’t dream of. Despite these odds, they succeed. Some of the most successful people I know are first generation immigrants who are self made and started poor and with every disadvantage. Now they’re worth millions. How can immigrants – the “unluckiest” people on earth – make it in America while so many other poor people cannot?

That’s because they’ve already made up their mind to be poor. They’ve deemed themselves permanently “unlucky” so they continue to live out their lives as a sort of self fulfilling prophecy.

It’s why poor people aren’t always just poor. They seem to also have many other unlucky things happen to them all the time. Not just poor finances. That’s because living an unlucky mindset attracts all the unlucky things.

Immigrants don’t believe in luck – like most successful people. They see luck as an illusion. They’re not held back by the pitfalls of bad luck be had they don’t let it define their lives. That’s why they are not poor.

Don’t believe me? Talk to an immigrant shop owner. If being born poor means you’ll be poor forever, how do you explain the millions of immigrants who came to America – who started out more poor than the “poorest” American – who wasn’t just poor but desolate. No friends or family, and most importantly, they didn’t even speak the language. How do you explain the millions of successful self-made immigrants who made it in America, myself included? By the poor victim persons logic, successful immigrants wouldn’t exists because it’s impossible according to their world.

Successful people make their own luck

To a poor person, luck is random. Luck is winning the lottery. Luck is landing your dream job because you were in the right place at the right time. Luck is out of your control and the primary strategy of getting lucky is to wait around and hope.

Successful people don’t believe in luck – at least not the same way. To a poor person, when something good – or bad – happens to them, they see it as pure coincidence. Successful people see it as a result. They did something right so the result is good luck – or success.

When I was in fourth grade, my school had a fundraiser. Every student for a stack of order forms and they would have to knock on doors and get people to buy candy bars. The kid who sold the most candy bars would get a $50 gift certificate as their reward.

Most of the students had their parents ask friends to buy their candy bars. Some kids went door to door and put in their couple of hours after school. Most of the time no one answered the door, because the adults in the houses were still at work when we finished school.

Instead of knocking on doors right after I left school, I decided to wait until 6 or 7 at night so that I could catch my customers when they were home from work. Most of my friend didn’t do this because they wanted to stay in, watch TV an hang out with friends. I stayed home until the evening and went out, knocking on every door. I skipped houses that didn’t have cars in the driveway which meant they probably weren’t home from work yet. In the end, I sold the most candy and won my prize.

All my friends said I was so lucky. But I knew luck had nothing to do with it. I didn’t just knock on a few doors and hope someone would buy all my candy bars. In other words, I didn’t hope to get lucky. I worked harder and smarter instead.

Successful people see good luck as a result of good choices. Unsuccessful people see luck as their only hope for success.

You can make your own luck, too

You’ve heard it before over and over again – people who tell you that “you can make your own luck.” That’s a phrase you hear often from successful people. They don’t mean to literally make your  your own luck – like making your own winning lottery ticket. What they mean is by changing your mindset and making smarter choices, you can drastically improve your chances to get lucky.

If you spend your free time reading and learning new skills instead of watching reality TV, you’re going to be luckier. If you use your new skills you’ve acquired to get a better job or start your own business, you’ve now become even luckier than before. You see the pattern?

The opposite is also true. If you watch too much TV, you’ll be less lucky. If you work a remedial job and not learn any new skills, you’re unlucky. If you hang out with losers and spend your time complaining why you’re life sucks, you’ll be even unluckier.

Everythjng in life compounds. Good or bad luck also compound. If you make good choices and become lucky, you’ll continue making good choices and get luckier – and more successful. If you’re someone with a poor mindset and make poor choices, you’ll be unlucky. The more bad choices you continue to make – you’ll get more and more unlucky.

Did you ever notice how someone who is unsuccessful in one area of life is usually unsuccessful in every other area? The guy who is always broke and complaining is also the guy who has a terrible marriage, snotty kids and has the worst attitude? He’s the guy who is miserable in every part of his life so he spends his time complaining, being mean to the cashier at the grocery store and tells everyone that rich people are all crooks and have terrible lives.

On the flip side, the most generous, happy and nicest people I know are usually the guys who are successful. They’re usually not just successful in their careers. They have a successful marriage, friends and a great attitude on life.

That’s not to say that if you start thinking positively you’ll magically become a lucky person. But if you think of luck of something that must be earned, and not stumbled upon, you’re on the right track.

Never forgot that luck is compounding and you can change your luck by changing your choices.

If you live life with a losing mentality and stand around waiting for Lady Luck to grace you with a “win,” you’ll never get it. If fortune favors the bold, then luck favors winners. Have a winning mindset and you’ll always be lucky.

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