Greed is the only reason to support minimum wage


Minimum wage is another one of those government “solutions” that forces the economy to behave in unnatural ways – causing more problems than it fixes.

People earn what they’re worth. They aren’t entitled to anything more or anything less than the value they provide to the economy. There should be no artificial magic system that forces Jane to be paid more than Jill, completely ignoring everything about that person and their background.

People who complain about the minimum wage is nonsense. It makes as much as sense as me complaining that you aren’t giving me money.

Minimum wage is a socialist idea that pretty much argues that if Jane is a fry cook at McDonald’s, she’s entitled to a minimum salary regardless of how much it costs McDonald’s to hire/maintain her job. Minimum wage ignores what it costs to keep that job alive. It ignores why that job exists. It ignores the return-on-investment for McDonald’s – and forces McDonald’s to pay Jane $20 an hour instead of $8 an hour.

It doesn’t matter if every other fry cook at Wendy’s or Burger King makes $8 an hour. It doesn’t matter if McDonald’s earns $20 per hour from an employee that it pays $8 an hour.

Every job has a level of importance in the company or organization that provides that job. There are low level, low paid positions, mid-level positions and high level positions. The easier and less qualified you have to be to do a job, it demands less pay.

That’s why it makes complete sense that the CEO of McDonald’s earns more than a fry cook at McDonald’s. The job of the CEO is more difficult and much more important – the CEO’s work results in more money being made for the company, while the fry cook’s does not.

People argue the CEO is greedy and overpaid. Maybe. But if the CEO decided to leave, other companies would pay him or her as much or even more. That’s because that’s what they are worth in the marketplace.

Minimum wage is for the greedy

Minimum wage is, by definition, for greedy people. Those people who complain and argue that minimum wage should be a “living wage” or $15-$20 an hour, or what have you – those people are greedy.

They are greedy. This isn’t an argument or an opinion. It’s fact. By definition, they are greedy because they are demanding more money for a job that isn’t worth that amount. It’s no different than buying one cup of coffee, and demanding a second one. It’s no different than walking into an Apple store, and demanding an iPhone 6 Plus for the same price as an iPhone 4.

It makes no sense whatsoever – it means you want more than you are owed. Simple.

So how and why do people who earn minimum wage justify this? Simple. The people who typically work remedial jobs that pay minimum wage, are usually the same people who see themselves as “victims” of the system. They can justify anything, no matter how unfair, because in their flawed minds, the entire world is unfair and out to get them.

They choose to be poor and choose to complain instead of moving forward. Rather than learning new skills so they don’t have to work a minimum wage job – and earn more money, they would rather keep working the same low-skilled job, but demand more pay.  You don’t get to do a job worth little and expect more money unless you make yourself more valuable or add more value to the company you work for.

The guy who digs one ditch doesn’t get to earn as much as the guy who digs two ditches.

You get paid what you’re worth. Some jobs are worth minimum wage.

People aren’t paid $8 an hour to flip burgers because that’s the number McDonald’s decided to pay them. The wage is $8 and hour because that’s generally what everyone else pays them for the same work.

Doctors earn more than cashiers because the economy has a higher demand for this skills. Anyone can flip burgers. Not everyone can save lives. Hence, doctors are paid more.

To support the minimum wage is to say the doctor and the burger flipper are equal and provide the same value to society.

It doesn’t make any sense. There is no way to justify this.

If you don’t like earning $8 and hour to flip burgers for McDonald’s, you can get a job flipping burgers for Wendy’s. It won’t matter because they’ll probably pay you the same wage. That’s because that is what your job is worth.

If you’re earning minimum wage, it’s not because you’re a victim or because you’re being “screwed over by the man.” You’re earning minimum wage because your job requires minimum skills. You make $8 an hour because your job, your skills, are worth $8 and hour. If you want to earn more than $8 and hour, find a way to learn more skills, and get a job that is worth more than $8 an hour.

But how when forcing your employer to pay you $20 and hour for a job worth $8 become a viable option? The most common excuse is that everyone deserves a living wage.

No, you don’t deserve a living wage

There is no rule that says every job is supposed to provide you with a living wage. There are remedial jobs that pay minimum wage, and careers that pay you enough to survive off of. Minimum wage jobs do not, and have not, ever existed with the goal of providing a living wage. But at some point, some greedy and entitled people decided to demand a living wage from jobs that aren’t supposed to be one.

Jobs that pay minimum wage are meant for people who are just getting started. People who are starting at the bottom, working their way to the top. They’re made for students to earn extra cash. They’re made for immigrants who work these jobs temporarily while they establish themselves and move onto better things.

Minimum wage jobs were never meant to provide a living wage, nor were they designed to support a family. This has never been the case. You can’t just demand a living wage from a job that isn’t built for such a salary. You can’t demand full health coverage, insurance, benefits and a big salary from a remedial job.

It’s not the job or the company’s fault that a certain job pays minimum wage. The job pays that much because that’s what the economy pays. It’s what it’s worth. They didn’t make these numbers up randomly and they aren’t hording the extra money you should be earning and lining their pockets.

If employers were forced to pay their employees more than their jobs are worth, they would go bankrupt very quickly.

Why are you still working a remedial job?

The real question is not why you’re not being paid more artificially for a job worth very little. The real question you should be asking is why you’re still working a remedial job while trying to support yourself or a family.

You should be asking yourself why you decided to have children – which are very expensive to support – if all you are qualified for is a minimum wage job that pays $8 an hour. If you can’t earn more than minimum wage, having children, getting married, buying a home – these things are bad choices. Why would you have children if you are earning so little?

Minimum wage hurts the poor

What minimum wage actually does is not help the poor, but makes them suffer. It’s simple math.

When you force companies to pay employees more than they should be earning, those jobs are terminated. Companies don’t trim their fat and sacrifice their best and brightest, in order to appease and overpay their lowest skilled workers.

Instead, companies do the logical thing that anyone would do if forced to give charity against your will – they’ll find ways to eliminate the job altogether.

The would rather give raises to the managers so they can do the extra work, since it will be cheaper than doubling the wages of every low skilled worker.

They’ll invest in self checkout registers and computer programs, add self-serve options for customers, and endless other ways to avoid these forced wages. Why? It’s simple. If they don’t innovate or bring in additional revenue, they’ll go out of business. You can’t just force employers to pay more.

Normally, employers increase wages when the employee they’re giving this raise to brings in more profit for the company. In the absence of more revenue, the raise isn’t justified and because businesses don’t have endless pockets and because they still want to earn a profit, they’ll do anything and everything to cut costs.

In one of my companies, I consult and hell employers who need to find ways to eliminate remedial jobs so that they can stay in business. The first jobs they seek to cut are naturally the jobs that are the easiest and least skilled ones – which are the jobs that pay minimum wage.

Its not the companies fault – when you squeeze companies by forcing them to overpay unearned raises, they fight back. They have to.

Demanding more money without doing more work is greedy. There’s no other explanation.

In the real world, there are remedial jobs that anyone- even a machine – can do. When you punish companies by forcing them to pay less important members of their workforce more than they deserve, they’ll find a way to eliminate that job.

You don’t deserve a living wage from a job that wasn’t built to provide a living wage. If you’re not earning more than you need, increase your skills and get a better paying job – don’t blame the existence of the job as the cause of your financial problems.

If you eat nothing but candy all day, you’ll probably die. It’s not the candy bars fault. That’s the nature of candy. It isn’t meant to sustain or provide the necessary nutrition to survive.

Don’t demand that Hershey’s should start putting vitamins inside their chocolate bars. The candy isn’t at fault – you are.

Stop trying to change something that is entirely your fault by blaming the entire system – a system that’s logical and has always been consistent – and take responsibility for yourself.

If you want more money, earn it.

Businesses don’t exist so they can pay you – they exist to earn a profit. If you extort them, they won’t play your game. Your game is rigged and it’s a losing deal for them.

Mid you really want to help poor people, raising the minimum wage isn’t a solution on any level. Instead of talking a low paying job, gaining experience and learning to move up to the next level, you’ll instead just eliminate those jobs.

Minimum wage employees are paid less because their jobs aren’t important. No one is screwing you over and taking advantage of you, just because you’re not earning as much as you would like.

The more you raise the minimum wage, the more employers will eliminate, or find ways to eliminate, those jobs. It’s simple. They aren’t charities. Make yourself more valuable and stop complaining.

And most of all, stop being greedy.

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