Why immigrants will always be more successful than you

People area always complaining how hard it is to get out of poverty if you’re born poor. I get it. I’ve been there. But why is it that the worst offenders are American born, English speaking, able-bodied white people?

Being an immigrant myself, born in the poorest slums of Chicago, I clawed my way out of poverty and by most people’s standards, I’m now a successful entrepreneur living the American dream.

But I never considered being “poor” as a handicap like so many people do.

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Confident and successful is quiet. Insecure and unsuccessful is loud.

There is a quote from one of my favorite movies – American Gangster – when Denzel Washinton’s character gives some solid advice to his flashy brother. He says the loudest person in the room is the weakest person in the room.”

We all know that guy. When he is clearly jealous about something someone has or accomplished, he’s he first one to shoot him or his successes down. He’s seething with jealousy and envy – rather than working to succeed himself, it makes him feel better in the short term to put that person down. It’s the same reason people say the guy in the red Ferrari is compensating for something.

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5 reasons mediocre people will hate you for your success

It’s a strange phenomenon when mediocre people start looking at successful people. Mediocre people are really predictable. They’ve taken the “road more frequently traveled” and their lives show this. They have their mediocre career i.e. a passionless job, live in their mediocre homes with their mediocre spouses, have mediocre friends, and drive to the mediocre stores in their mediocre car.

There’s nothing exciting or different about their lives – and they aren’t happy about it. They’re idea of success is confined to a very small, not-so-creative box, and they are constantly looking for ways to escape their boring existence. Whether that’s rushing to take their 2 week yearly vacation, dying to see Friday or drowning themselves out in useless, mind-numbing reality TV – the most popular sport among the mediocre.

What’s worse is that “mediocre” has become a goal unto itself. People shoot for the middle. People flock to the same schools for the same degree so they can compete for the same old $50,000/year cubicle job in a company where they’re easily replaceable and probably won’t make it anywhere further than, at best, middle management. They’re passionate about everything except where they are in life. It’s quite sad. So what ends up happening is more people compete for this middle-of-the-road lifestyle, which ironically makes it more competitive – which in turn, makes people want it even more.

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Stop getting married right out of college

I’m not sure when people decided the best time to get married was right out of college – the time when your life is the least stable and normal, when your career, future and ability to support yourself are in question.

Logically, this is the worst time to get married, yet people keep rushing to the aisles ready to say “I do” without the slightest clue of what it takes to be in a successful marriage.

Getting married doesn’t make you an adult

Getting married doesn’t make you an adult. It doesn’t make you more grown up or make others think you’re successful and on the road to the top. Getting married is something you do when you and your partner are fully ready to take on the huge responsibility of taking care of each other. If you can’t even take care of yourself, why would you enter into a marriage?

I’ve been noticing this among millennial a who act like they need to prove they’re all “grown up.” So they leave college and already assume a successful career lies before them – so getting married is the next adult thing to do.

If you’re unemployed, it’s not the right time to get married.

Getting married isn’t an accomplishment – stop acting like it is

It is odd to me when people do mediocre things and act and expect people to be in awe.

Getting married is not an accomplishment. Staying married for 30 years is an accomplishment. But getting engaged and walking down the aisle is something antrhjng can do. Especially when your parents are probably going to end up paying for your wedding – since you can’t afford a dream wedding anyways – it is nothing to mark in your “successful accomplishments” column.

You have to have a job to get married

Getting married and starting a family is expensive. Just like getting a home and having kids.

There are too many unknowns. What if you don’t get the dream job? What if you don’t finish school?

I blame schools for making people too overconfident that life will be easy. Honestly, life is insanely hard. You’re not special and no one is waiting to help you.

Two mature adults who get married tackle the world together – but if neither of you are ready to even support yourself, supporting a family is harder.

You’ll have your big day and spend lots of time planning it – when it’s over, people will go back to their lives and no one will remember or care that you got hitched – because people get married all the time.

Once the glitz and glamour is gone, you’ll just be 2 adults with more responsibilities than you had before.

If you’re in school, it’s not time to get married

If you are in shook of any kind – whether it be undergrad or you’re getting your masters degree – it means you’re not yet an adult. Adults have careers and a plan. If you are in school of any kind, you are not an adult – and marriage is reserved for adults.

Getting married won’t make you an adult and it won’t make you look like a grown up.

Let’s stop rushing to get married and add to that 50% divorce rate – because if you’re not employed and just starting your life, getting married is the worst thing you can do.

Marriage is a commitment that you make when you’re both fully matured and understand each other as people – then you can combine your lives and move forward. But don’t think getting engaged will solve your problems and don’t ignore the fact that you haven’t yet started your life as an adult. Getting married won’t make life easier or make you an adult – it will make your life harder. Are the sacrifices and hard work worth it? Damn right it is. But it’s not easy and not for young kids who are just starting out.

Get to a place in life where your future is bright – and plan accordingly. Don’t just get married because that’s what you think you need to do next.

Greed is the only reason to support minimum wage

Minimum wage is another one of those government “solutions” that forces the economy to behave in unnatural ways – causing more problems than it fixes.

People earn what they’re worth. They aren’t entitled to anything more or anything less than the value they provide to the economy. There should be no artificial magic system that forces Jane to be paid more than Jill, completely ignoring everything about that person and their background.

People who complain about the minimum wage is nonsense. It makes as much as sense as me complaining that you aren’t giving me money.

Minimum wage is a socialist idea that pretty much argues that if Jane is a fry cook at McDonald’s, she’s entitled to a minimum salary regardless of how much it costs McDonald’s to hire/maintain her job. Minimum wage ignores what it costs to keep that job alive. It ignores why that job exists. It ignores the return-on-investment for McDonald’s – and forces McDonald’s to pay Jane $20 an hour instead of $8 an hour.

It doesn’t matter if every other fry cook at Wendy’s or Burger King makes $8 an hour. It doesn’t matter if McDonald’s earns $20 per hour from an employee that it pays $8 an hour.

Every job has a level of importance in the company or organization that provides that job. There are low level, low paid positions, mid-level positions and high level positions. The easier and less qualified you have to be to do a job, it demands less pay.

That’s why it makes complete sense that the CEO of McDonald’s earns more than a fry cook at McDonald’s. The job of the CEO is more difficult and much more important – the CEO’s work results in more money being made for the company, while the fry cook’s does not.

People argue the CEO is greedy and overpaid. Maybe. But if the CEO decided to leave, other companies would pay him or her as much or even more. That’s because that’s what they are worth in the marketplace.

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Reasons why immigrants are and always will be more successful than you

Every day, people are complaining that their lives are too hard. They can’t catch a break. They’re able-bodied, fluent in English and are living in America – where no matter how bad your situation there are thousands of ways to get free education, meet the right people and claw your way out of poverty.

They make every excuse from them being born into a poor family to racial profiling to the “man” holding them back. Unsuccessful people seem to have an unlimited number of excuses as to why they’re unsuccessful, yet they can’t come up with even one solution or step to take in the right direction.

As an immigrant myself, coming from a poor family who immigrated to America with all the same opportunities as anyone else, I know how difficult it is to “make it” in this country. I truly know the meaning of inequality and having disadvantages.

But when there are literally millions of living examples who defy the odds and make it big in America, what excuse can someone come up with that explains their lack of success? The way I see it, if immigrants can do it, what the hell is everyone else’s excuse?

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Poor people rely on luck

The vast majority of poor people are convinced they have no control over their lives. So they look for magical forces to explain or fix their lives because they’ve already decided they can’t do it themselves. Luck is the biggest of them all.

A poor person believes that they are poor because that’s what the universe intended. They’re poor because they were born that way. It’s their destiny. Their kids destiny. And everyone in their family with be poor forever.

They don’t believe in exceptions. They think that once poor – forever poor. Period. They are “unlucky.”

By this flawed logic, they also believe all rich people are rich because the universe chose their number out of a hat. They randomly became successful out of dumb random luck. They were in the right place at the right time. They did nothing to create success. They were just “lucky.”

See the problem here? First off, aside from your skin color or your gender, how many things are you simply born with that never change? Very little. Being born poor means you were born poor at that moment. It doesn’t say you can never make more than minimum wage your entire life. There’s no rule that says once poor forever poor.

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Women choose to earn less than men

There is no wage gap among women and men. It’s a myth. Women aren’t paid unfairly just because they’re women – that’s just not true so stop believing it.

You’ve heard the deceiving statistic that women earn 77 cent for ever dollar a man earns.

The actual statistic is accurate but it leaves out a critical detail as to why this gap exists. It’s not because employers are sexist and pay women less simply for being a woman. It’s actually because women choose lower paying jobs to work in.

Men gravitate towards jobs such as engineering, science and finance – and those jobs are more valuable to the economy hence the pay associated with these jobs tend to be higher.

Women tend to prefer jobs that are more nurturing in nature such as teaching, social work and nursing.

You can argue these jobs are more important for humanity – which I tend to agree with. But economically speaking, they are less valuable and therefore, a teacher typically earns less than an engineer. A social worker earns less than an investment banker.

Statistically, this is the true reason that women earn less than men. It’s not a conspiracy or a flaw in the system – it’s quite simply that women choose lower paying careers than men.

If men chose these types of careers and women didn’t, men would earn 77 cents on average, for every dollar earned by a woman. It works both ways.

So let’s squash that argument right there. The more important fact that people tend to misunderstand is the simple fact that some jobs are more important than others – and in turn, select people are more valuable economically than others – the pay difference is simply a reflection of your worth to the marketplace and has nothing to do with your gender, race or whatever else you’ve been made to believe.

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Poor people choose to be poor

There’s a persistent myth that people seem to cling onto like religion.

Poor people tend to lump their poverty into the same category as their race and gender. Meaning that if you are born poor or come from poor family, that being poor almost is a birth right. They believe being born poor or currently being poor is impossible to change – no different from changing your gender or race.

The fact is, poor people choose to be poor. Broke people choose to be broke. Financially stupid people choose to be financially stupid. They choose it from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed, every single day. For the vast majority of people, they choose to be poor. It’s as simple as that.

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